Affiliate Marketing and eHow

Affiliate marketing may have just gotten another bonus method: eHow. This online information portal is by far one of the best resources you will find online to learn something. Almost every “how to” question you can ask is listed on the site. But how can it help your affiliate program?

As a cooperative marketer, you are constantly looking for new ways to grow your business. What if you could use a site like this to your advantage? For example, you can sign up to submit articles to this site (get someone to write them if you don’t want to.) In response to the question asked, you can use your niche as an answer. For example, someone might be searching for information on “how to get out of debt” and you are an affiliate of a debt management company. In the resource section of eHow, you can list your affiliate links.

Why bother?

There are several reasons why you might want to do this:

· eHow traffic is huge. The site ranks quickly and well. People will find your articles easily.

· It may create an inbound link to your website or blog if you use a blog instead of a direct link to an affiliate product, or if you use both.

· You may even want to sign up for their author compensation program and earn residual income from the article.

There is no doubt that the most creative people in affiliate marketing make money doing it. This is just one more method of affiliate marketing.

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