Affiliate Marketing Tips – Is Online Affiliate Business Program a Sustainable Business Model?

Working on the internet can be a bit tricky at times, and this has made it almost impossible for a layman to start a business for himself.

Many times I’ve heard people complain on the Warrior Forum, where I often hang out, that a highly profitable business like a sister company is not a sustainable business model. How true can this be? Continue reading these affiliate marketing tips to find out how you can work online yourself.

As the debate over whether an online affiliate business program is a sustainable business model heats up, many people have poured out their opinions, and most of them are sound.

The reality is that as an affiliate marketer you have no control over the sales page you are directing visitors to, the affiliate may decide to make changes that may not be in your best interest and there is nothing you can do.

Affiliates have no say in the amount of percentages paid by the company and are not responsible for the customer service unit.

Some people went so far as to say in an online affiliate business program you get to bring in sales this month and the second month you are back to square one.

All of the above about affiliate programs are true except the last one which says you get to bring in sales this month and out compete new sales.

Some affiliate marketers promote products that offer recurring income. This means that after several years, you can get paid for just one sale as long as the customer continues to renew their membership. Imagine you are promoting a hosting package that pays you $10 for every customer you bring in and you have 50 loyal customers. You will earn $500 per month, and when you enter your marketing campaign, your number of customers and income will increase.

Companies like Amazon don’t have a single product of their own, and yet they are one of the largest and most successful affiliates in the world. ClickBank also has tons of affiliate products and has been around for years and has made millions of dollars from affiliate products. These are just some of the major affiliates, there are individuals who have established themselves in this kind of business. All you have to do is put on your thinking hat and be creative.

Partners can create their own products, which is very possible as most products are digital and internet based. This way you can control your own product and keep the entire commission. Partners can also create their own site and advertise more than one product on it. This gives them the opportunity to test different products and easily manage their income, because not all companies can fail you in a day. By creating your own site, you own the traffic coming to this site, you can add or remove any product that is unfavorable to you, and so on.

To me, an online affiliate business program is still one of the best business models out there.

I hope you find this affiliate marketing tip interesting.

your success,

John Benjamin

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