Article Marketing and Content Creation – The Number 1 Secret to Creating Great Content Quickly

Article marketing and content creation are a powerful combination to help you dominate your niche online. And in this article, we’re going to focus on the number one secret to creating great content fast.

Why do you need to create great content fast? Well it’s simple:

The speed of implementation makes the difference between good and bad.

So you get an idea, act on it later, you might be good. You get an idea and act on it now. It is the speed of execution. And that’s how you become great.

Secret #1

So the main secret to creating great content quickly is modeling your business. This means don’t start from scratch, don’t stare at a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen. Use templates to create content.

The dictionary defines a pattern as a pattern or mold. Anything that defines or serves as a model, model. This means you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again.


For example, here is the Three Mistakes model. The temple begins with the words:

One mistake and what to do instead.

Mistake two, and what to do instead.

Mistake three, and what to do instead.

And there you have it, a complete template for a blog post, article, Facebook update or video or many other things. There’s your whole model.

The beauty of this particular model is that it plays with human nature. When someone sees a headline talking about the top 3 mistakes in their niche, they’re bound to check it out.

Trying not to read it is like trying to drive past an accident without looking. Your customer is thinking one of two things:

1) “Well, I know I’m not making mistakes, and I’m going to check this article to prove it!”


2) “Wow, I wonder if I’m making any of those mistakes? Maybe that’s why I’m struggling. I better go check this out!”

Either way, they are going to read your article. And when you include “what to do instead” with every mistake, you’ve shown your prospect two very important things:

1) How do you approach problems and

2) How you solve problems

And they want more information from you when you lead them directly to your resource box or calls to action.

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