Be Adequately Prepared For Affiliate Marketing

We all have to start at some point, and most of us start all chasing that magic button that turns your computer into an instant ATM. I know, I used to be a leading contender and quite liked the idea of ​​having a few thousand dollars in the next few days. I live in South Africa and with the exchange rate we are talking a small fortune!

Terrible when that reality hits you and you realize you’ve been chasing that damn button for 18 months. What’s “immediate” about it now, nothing because you’ve been chasing so many promises instead of your dreams. Don’t confuse promises with dreams, it’s the mother of all internet failures!

However, failure is also disguised as knowledge because whatever you do online, you learn how to do something. And somewhere, someone is struggling with something you’ve already mastered. So, as an affiliate marketer, the only way to stand out from the alarming crowd and gain the trust of your audience is to be able to answer any question they may have about the product you’re promoting.

This is why most marketers dread the idea of ​​hosting and the research that goes into it!

That’s why your blog is so important, because that’s how you build a “responsive email list” with subscribers who are interested in your content. Your blog becomes like a social signature where you share your knowledge and inspire your audience with useful content and tools. It’s not always about the money that comes when your content meets the requirements. Simple as that.

But where do you start?

Glad you asked, and as you well know, I love talking about WordPress with a little Google. Because it’s the right place to start once you’ve built your product knowledge. You effectively start by finding a profitable niche to target the keywords you want to target in your domain name and site title. This is very important, so keep your horses in domain name and hosting if you haven’t done your proper research. You may well, unfortunately, be wasting money.

I know I did, and as a computer and gadget dinosaur (Back then) it seemed even more so. It’s really all about patience and research.

Take some time and think about the things you like the most and make a list because that’s how you can create unique content (Not available anywhere else on the internet). That’s what Unique Content is all about, and without it you’ll be at a snail’s pace at best. And it becomes a “profitable niche” but why?

Because if you really love what you do, it’s impossible to give up, when you’re really passionate about something, you’re unstoppable! Remember, super successful people are just dreamers who refused to give up and nothing could stop them. You know the saying “Rests are never won and winners never quit” so this really works.

Once you have a niche, you need to find a suitable product to promote to an interested audience. Yes, this means you have to actually buy what you are going to present to your audience and test it in person.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because if you seriously believe that you will become a dot com millionaire without spending a dime, you are sadly mistaken. You have to be prepared to pay not only for training but also for hosting and that should not be rejected.

If an interested buyer asks you for an opinion on what they are going to buy, you need to be able to answer with confidence. People are tired of desperate sales pitches with almost no information beyond the promotional material delivered to thousands of affiliates. Copy or “Scroll Over” content as I sometimes call it. Copied so many times it doesn’t have much uniqueness left.

Test the product to the extent that you can guide your interested audience even before the purchase. People want to know what they are paying for.

It all depends on direction and focus, without which it can take a considerable amount of time to achieve your goals. It’s all about small objective steps in the right direction, there is no such thing as a giant leap.

Thoughts on making money in a few hours?

Now that’s not even logical, seriously? If it was that easy to make millions online, economies would collapse… just let that sink in for a second. You have to be willing to face failure more often than you may later remember, and your level of achievement depends on YOU. What you put in is what you get out.

Making money online as an affiliate marketer starts with a direction, and there is no final destination where little or no effort produces the corresponding fruit.

Yes, you may have seen some marketers share fancy screenshots, but people get tired of them, and for good reason. Unfortunately, this marketing tactic was already a bit overexposed and bordering on BS, wasn’t it?

Well yes and no. Because all of these are not false, but rather woefully misunderstood. The most important thing to consider is the full money back guarantee. I think a person who doesn’t want to offer you your money back doesn’t necessarily trust their product that much, and you shouldn’t trust their product either. But this is just my opinion, I don’t want to step on any toes here… just a thought.

Now there is a flip side to this coin as the products you decide to promote should have the same warranty. Professional marketers call this a “backdoor” and it provides security and peace of mind. You will then have to wait for the money back guarantee before your reward is released to you. And the idea of ​​making money the next day, even if by some miracle you manage to sell the first week.

Nice screenshots from a guy willing to offer you your money back are an indication of what’s possible with a system or product, not necessarily what’s coming. You might be able to do even better and it’s all about focus, paying proper attention without rushing around trying to make money faster.


You need to find a profitable niche, target your keywords, and find appropriate products that satisfy an identified common need in your niche. You spend money online and you might even lose money if you want to earn some serious money in return. You certainly won’t become a dot com millionaire without spending a dime.

Embrace it and prepare to learn instead of earning because the desire to learn is the best mindset to get you started and ensure your success.

Now this may all seem like a bit much, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news and not present you with a tool to use. There is a training program that is both unique and quite intensive with WordPress Blogging and Google SEO

In fact, it is the best affiliate marketing and blogging online training I have ever tested. And yes, I’m still a member because George Brown is just a genius who has worked exceptionally hard to make his dreams come true. He certainly isn’t going to scam you out of your $47 and tarnish his online reputation.

This exact system has over 100,000 members and generated over $5,000,000 in sales, which is a clear testament in itself. It takes you from finding a profitable niche, to keyword and product research, to choosing a domain name, to starting a professional affiliate marketing blog.

You’ll love the simplicity and advanced training, and yes, you can return your purchase anytime (within 60 days) from the date of purchase.

Please choose your domain name wisely and pay attention as it is the backbone of your affiliate online business. You can access this training at “Start Earning Money“Page.

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