Become an Affiliate to Score Interviews With Big Names

So you want to interview a guru in your field.

You know that interviewing that person is good for your business. For your credibility.

The problem is that their standard hourly rate is up in the stratosphere. You can get a one on one golf lesson with Tiger Woods for less.

So how do you get these guys involved?

Well, one of the strategies that has gotten me interviews with marketing and copywriting executives like John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, and Alex Mendocian is to tell these guys that I wanted to become a partner.

Now don’t get me wrong. I did not approach these blind men with this offer. I actually use a PR guy that I have to create to communicate.

But what I did was to “sweeten the deal” a bit for the experts. One look at my website would have told these guys that I could help them promote. But by listing myself as an affiliate for their vending machine, I gave them another reason to give me an interview.

Yes, they helped me. But now in reality they were helping themselves if my database decided to buy what they were offering.

As an affiliate, I helped promote Ted Nicholas’s membership site. To Alex Mendosian, I promoted his teleseminar secrets. And for John Carlton, I linked his Copywriting Secrets series.

Either way, they knew I had a vested interest in the success of their products. If I made money, they made money.

So they helped me.

I think the best thing you can do if you want to get the “big fish” is to say to these guys, “I want to sell to you; I want to become a salesperson.” Then fill in their partner’s details.

If they don’t have an affiliate site, say, “I really like what you do and would like to help promote and sell your products and services.”

Why would they say no? The answer is they don’t.

So go out there and offer to plug someone’s product.

You might just end up with a very marketable interview that you can use to promote your business.

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