Content Marketing Advice – 10 Strategies For More Effective Content Campaigns

These ten tips offer content marketing advice for launching content campaigns in 2010 and beyond.

Content marketing really took off in 2009. The importance of creating relevant and valuable content for your target audience was well understood, and marketers really started to believe in the catchphrase “you are the media”.

In the coming year, marketers will begin to fully implement their content marketing strategies. Here are ten tactics smart content marketers will follow in 2010:

  1. Understand your audience. Really dive into what motivates your prospects. What are their pain points and challenges? Develop detailed buyer personas to understand their needs and wants. You can’t help your audience if you don’t understand them.
  2. Take advantage of internal expertise. Your organization has a wealth of information just waiting to be tapped – don’t waste it. Find experts who have the knowledge your audience needs and deliver it in the form of eBooks, white papers, reports and webinars.
  3. Manage content proactively. Like any good magazine, every content marketing program needs an editorial schedule. Do a content audit to find out what you have and what you need. Then create a schedule in your calendar to keep things moving.
  4. Find it online. Search engine optimization and content go hand in hand. If you don’t have a list of target keywords for your website, get one! Then start creating articles and other content around those keywords and include it on your site.
  5. Create informative websites. If your website still looks like a corporate brochure, you’re missing the content boat. Spice things up with content offerings like white papers and online articles.
  6. Get the click. Don’t let your website visitors go to waste. Create one valuable content offer that your visitors can’t refuse and deliver it in exchange for their email address on your email list.
  7. Use resources wisely. Some content strategies can be huge wastes of time. Blogs are one example of a great idea that only a few companies have the time and resources to implement. Instead, focus on creating a few good white papers, reports, and webinars along with one great eBook. They don’t require constant commitment and pack a lot of punch.
  8. Let customers make the sale. Ditch the high pressure sales routine, prospects just won’t buy it. Instead, offer plenty of support and advice to your prospects and let them make the sale. Take the time to collect great testimonials and create a dozen fantastic case studies to use throughout the sales cycle.
  9. To ask for help. Time-crunched marketing and PR departments probably don’t have the time to invest in researching and writing content marketing pieces. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from outside copywriters and consultants. Professional writers help deliver the finest end product, leaving the insiders to focus on strategy-level concerns.
  10. Stay the course. Content marketing may take longer to bear fruit than other marketing strategies, but stick with it. Over time, your efforts will be well rewarded!

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