Digital Marketing Trends – Targeting the African-American Consumer

Are you planning to market or sell products and services to African American consumers? If so, to successfully market to this community, it will be helpful for you to understand certain digital marketing trends: how today’s African Americans shop, where they spend time, where they are most likely to be receptive to advertising, and most importantly. , how they think about marketing and media.

It has been said that “2022 is going to be a killer year for social media and small business.” It has also been said that properly implemented digital marketing strategies can help small businesses grow. So what does this mean for small businesses looking to primarily target black American consumers? That means you need a realistic understanding of where black consumers fit in this new media and cyber culture landscape. You may want to keep the following findings and/or trends in mind when customizing your small business marketing campaign for this consumer:

1. Many, if not most, young African-Americans are early adopters and influencers of pop culture, so you should promote new technology and lifestyle products to this consumer demographic.

2. Black Americans are avid users of social media and huge consumers of video content.

3. Black digital consumers are highly receptive to mobile advertising.

4. Black consumer ownership of smartphones increased from 33 percent to over 54 percent and continues to grow.

5. African-Americans use their phones to text, connect to the Internet, receive and send email, download photos, download music and mobile videos, and use Twitter and Facebook more than any other demographic.

6. Black women are huge users of online shopping for beauty products, clothing, health care products, and groceries.

7. Black men and women are very socially connected to others. 72% of black adults online have more than one social networking profile.

8. Black women 18-35 are 72% more likely to highlight products and online content by “liking”, “following” or linking to an article, brand or website.

9. Black Americans trust black media more than mainstream information sources. Advertisements that reflect the benefits of products or services and convey a positive message to the African-American community are well received.

10. African American women aged 18-35 are 72% more likely to blog.

African Americans have incredible purchasing power. Even with the harsh effects of the recession, spending by the black community continued to energize the American consumer market. The Nielsen Company, a global information and research company, predicted that the purchasing power of African Americans will reach $1.1 trillion by 2015.

As Marketingvox stated, “These consumers are hungry for authentic content; engage with brands that represent them rather than just nod to them; and are highly engaged with digital content and mobile platforms.” So what does this mean for small businesses targeting this community? To tap into the buying power of this community, you need to step up your game and stay current with consumer behavior and digital marketing trends. Finally, be creative in the methods you use to reach the Black American market.

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