Email Marketing – Six Ways to Use Your Signature as a Marketing Tool

If you value fast, simple and free marketing tools, you will love this solution! One easy and often overlooked way to promote your business is with an email signature.

An email signature is the basic contact information about you and your company, placed at the end of your email. It may also be called a signature file or block.

Every email you send must contain a “modified” signature file. Most email software allows users to set up a signature to automatically appear at the end of every email you send. Installation only takes a few minutes and puts your signature file on autopilot.

Now that email communication is widely used and accepted for conducting business around the world, why not turn your email signature into a dynamic marketing tool for you and your business?

In addition to telling your customers and prospects how to contact you, here are six simple ways to customize your signature block and turn it into a powerful marketing tool:

– Include your tag line. By adding an identifier line to your signature file, you create brand and customer awareness of you and your company and what you can do for them.

– Include USP. Adding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will help your email recipients associate you with your products and services every time they open your email. This keeps you “in the know” with your customers and also helps them identify others who may need your help, leading to more referrals.

– Include a link to a special offer or product. Adding an active link to a special offer or product in your signature file can help increase your sales.

– Include a link to your mailing list. By simply adding an active link to your subscription page for a newsletter, special report, or other free gift, your custom signature can help you build your mailing list.

– Include a link to your website. Not only will your signature file send the recipient to your website, you never know who or when your email might be forwarded to others, so you can also drive new traffic to your website.

– Include a call to action. If you want the email recipient to go to your website, special offer, product or mailing list, you should include a call to action.

A few words of caution: Limit your signature block to no more than six or seven lines. Anything too big and heavy can take your email away. If you plan to add a logo or image, please note that some email programs block images. Finally, include only one or two active links. Too many links can be confusing for the recipient, and you want to give them one obvious choice.

You may want to update and adjust your signature file every 30, 60, or 90 days to alternate offers or reframe your USP. You can even test them to see which one works most effectively and produces the best results.

How can you use an email signature as part of your marketing strategy?

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