Expert Marketers Understand the Importance of Quality Article Marketing

Article marketing is the process of creating quality content that is shared online on predictable sites, dedicated content marketing sites to drive traffic to your website. This content must be QUALITY. Without quality, you lose the Point and many opportunities.

Article Marketing Sites –

The first place you should post your article is an article marketing site where similar businesses can republish your article. Republished articles are an excellent source of backlinks and interactive customer connections. If a similar company publishes your article with live links (and all reputable article marketing sites require you to include live links), you will often get clicks on those links depending on the amount of traffic to that site. Even a few clicks from a site can make a big difference in your site’s ranking. The goal of publishing articles on article marketing sites is to generate backlinks and clicks to your own website – traffic.

Traffic is the name of the game with articles. Article marketing sites drive traffic to your site and published articles drive traffic to your site.

Articles must be high quality, valuable content with enough information to keep the reader reading to the resource box where they will find the link.

Guest post on relevant sites –

Submitting quality, well-rounded articles to popular websites with links back to your own site can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Regardless of the topic of the site, your guest post must contain quality content, useful references and information, reputable quotes if necessary, and valuable information for the reader. Most guest blog posts are nice to add relevant subheadings to engage the reader no matter what part of the post they are interested in.

Tip: Usually, your article has specific points of interest that readers find important enough to entice them to come back to the beginning and read more of the article.

Blog posts on your site –

Shorten most blog posts on your site to include links to other sites, including related content and quotes from other articles that may be relevant to your readers. This brings an interactive audience to your site and gives them an active part in reading your blog.

Adding information to your blog daily is a surefire way to get constant traffic as people keep coming back to see what you have to say. Use Seth Godin’s concept, one thought a day and explain it with the vivid colors of life.

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