Google Killed Affiliate Marketing. Do THIS Instead!

Did Google just kill Affiliate Marketing? Don’t freak out. In this video you will get to know the EXACT strategies to thrive in the current SEO industry …

You’ll find out about:
00:00 Introduction
01:02 Product Reviews Updates
01:43 Core Algorithm Updates
02:11 Mega Sites Dominating The SERPs
03:37 The Strategies
03:42 Topical Authority
05:47 Quality Standalone Articles
09:15 Commercial Vs Informational Content Ratios
10:51 Backlink Authority
12:31 Put It All Together

Answer The Public:
SEO Minion:
Keyword Cupid (Use code DIGGITY10 for a 10% discount):
LeadSpring Topical Map Service:
Detailed Extension:
Surfer SEO:
Authority Builders:

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