Google Tools For Enhancing Digital Marketing in 2018

Almost all large companies, regardless of industry or position, use Google to fulfill some kind of requirement. Whether it’s Google Drive, Google Docs, or the ever-familiar Gmail, it seems like everyone depends on at least one Google service to support their daily work routine. Despite this, there are a few hidden gems in Google’s Toolbox that sometimes don’t show up and thus remain underutilized.

While it’s true that Google has countless apps, there are some that can have a serious positive impact on a company’s digital marketing initiatives, and they seem to be on the low end. Additionally, Google’s products tend to have “freemium” models, which offer an invaluable opportunity to improvise with various unique technologies and dive into what works best for a niche brand.

All testing the latest and most powerful tools from the world’s biggest internet powerhouse. Therefore, it is recommended to try some of these seemingly lesser-known tools or products for better results.

Effective Google tools for digital marketing

Google Trends

If you want to boost your SEO strategy, Google Trends is a tool that should not be neglected. It allows you to see how often a keyword is searched for so you can measure its popularity.

Google Trends instantly creates a graph of the number of searches categorized by language, country, region, etc. and reveals how a keyword has evolved over a certain period of time. It also predicts how these phrases will evolve in the near future, helping you make more informed and prepared decisions.

Most importantly, Google Trends makes it relatively easy to stay on top of the marketing language of a particular product or service in order to jump into interactive conversations about topics related to his niche.

Think With Google

Think With Google is more than a creative think tank that we can rely on when looking for inspiration and improvisations to implement our digital marketing strategy. The resource contains valuable insights on industry trends, analytical research and statistics, tips on marketing techniques and unique selling points that give us new ways to dare to continue to succeed.

When planning your online SEO marketing strategy, especially if you have an e-commerce site and are investing on a quarterly and annual plan, don’t overlook Think With Google. This tool also helps when a marketer also suffers from writer’s block.


According to expert reports, nearly 66 percent of people say that a mobile responsive website makes them more likely to buy a product, use a service or read blogs.

So it is very important to embrace the mobile revolution or the company may soon be left behind due to a lack of innovation.

Go-Mo uses artificial intelligence to help you move into the digital world, a very comfortable experience. It’s free for the first year.

It instantly creates a mobile-friendly version of the website. So you no longer limit your target customers while on the move on a website that is almost impossible to navigate.

Google Analytics

Research shows that Google Analytics is an overlooked tool among small and medium-sized businesses. Without Google Analytics, implementing website marketing strategies is like walking blind in the dark.

Website analytics reveal important information and results about how current and potential customers interact with marketers online. Effectively evaluated, analytics insights offer plenty of opportunities for enhancing customer engagement and also for higher conversions.

So it’s a must-have tool for digital marketers who want to evolve and succeed incrementally.

Finally, since the horizons of technological development are expanding day by day, it can be expected that a technology giant like Google will introduce even more powerful and useful tools to improve the digital marketing platform. However, it is not only the responsibility of technology leaders, but also users to take the platform to a more advanced, mature and efficient level.

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