How to Assess If Your Content Marketing Is Working

You probably work hard to make sure your content marketing is exactly what it should be and that it does the job you expect it to do for your brand. You might have written the most amazing content marketing material, but how do you know it’s actually giving you any kind of return on investment and that it’s as effective and valuable as you need it to be?

Evaluating your content marketing materials

Your content marketing materials can be anything you want them to be. They can be persuasive, exciting, hugely educational and highly valuable all around; However, you still need to find a way to collect metrics from these materials to know for sure what is working and what needs improvement.

All business people (including you) have the same goal in mind for their business. They all need to build relationships with people with whom they can build trust and credibility, and with whom they can position themselves as a subject matter expert in the eyes of another person. The concept is quite simple; however, getting there is often quite challenging. That, of course, is the original goal. The ultimate goal is to get another person to buy your products and/or services (not just once, but over and over again).

Patience is a virtue

When you start sharing your content marketing materials with other people and start building a relationship with them, you shouldn’t expect to see results immediately. It just doesn’t happen that way (usually). Just as it takes time to build meaningful relationships, it also takes time to see the fruits of your labor. In fact, it will most likely take three to six months before you see significant results, and even longer before you see a significant return on investment (ROI). It can take even longer if you happen to be in an industry that is based on sales cycles.

However, you have to be patient because you will achieve these results. It’s just like many other things in life. You have to put in the work in advance. You can’t expect to reap the rewards until you do. There is no guarantee that you will succeed, but there is a very good chance that you will. Just remember to consistently provide high-quality content and really listen to what the other person wants and needs. It’s a true formula for success. Not only will you be successful as far as other people know who you are and what you stand for with your brand, but the monetary share will also follow.

You have to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t

Not all businessmen evaluate the same things regarding their own company. The first thing you need to do is determine which goals are important to your business. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to use some kind of analytics program that can help you find the answers. This is critical to your business because there is no point in wasting time on something that doesn’t work.

Another thing is that your brand’s needs will likely change over time. If you do an assessment at the beginning, you should not expect that the assessment will necessarily take effect a year from now or at some other point in the future. One thing that you should keep in mind is that your efforts may not make a lot of money in the beginning. You have to trust that it is only a temporary situation.

Don’t be short sighted

You need to make sure that you keep all of your values ​​and expectations visible at all times. If you focus only on money, you are missing out on a lot of your business and it is important to remember that there are many elements that go into making a business successful. ROI is of course a very important part of your business, but you have to do a lot of work before you can achieve it.

Another really important concept is that your approach has to be effective if you’re going to be successful. The relationship you share with another person has an emotional/human basis. This means that you have to treat the other person humanely. If you use any other approach, you will fail. You build a relationship with another person solidly and the rest will follow in time.

Achieve one goal at a time

If you can focus on short-term goals one at a time, before you know it, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot. Short-term goals are (usually) easier to achieve than gigantic long-term goals. You’ll end up in the same place anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

It’s time to start measuring

Once you’ve determined exactly what you need to evaluate, you’ll want to make sure that information is well organized so that you can get the answers you’re looking for as painlessly as possible. You want to create regular reports (once a month) so that you can carefully check what you are doing and compare your work every month. It is very important to remember that you should only collect metrics on what is truly important to your brand and business. Some information you’ll want to include in your evaluation is:

Identifying your main goals: You want to include exactly what type of data, how you plan to use it, and where you can collect the data. You want to focus on your results, which pages people are reading the most, increasing (or decreasing) website traffic, what other people are sharing your content, and general analysis of what and how your content marketing materials are doing.


Evaluating the success of your content marketing is critical to the success of your business. It’s important to understand what works, what might need tweaking, and what doesn’t work at all (and should be removed). You should never think of your brand as a stagnant entity. It’s a living, breathing part of you, and just like you, it grows and develops over time. If you don’t periodically evaluate your activities, you’re fumbling in the dark and you can’t leave the success of your business to chance. Your ultimate goal is to sell more of your products and/or services. Evaluating your own performance is a very important and complicated part of it.

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