How to Write an Online Digital Internet Marketing Business Plan

It’s common for companies that get into internet marketing and social media to think that they have to build their strategy around the technology and not look at the needs of the audience first. Every business needs an integrated marketing plan. Sometimes businesses see digital planning as a separate thing, but ideally, your online marketing plan should be integrated into your broader business goals so that it’s part of your overall marketing plan.

There are two templates that provide a framework for writing an integrated digital marketing plan. The first is the SOSTAC® design model developed by PR Smith. In plain English, this approach means dividing your plan into six parts:-

  • S stands for Situation analysis – which means where are we now?
  • O stands for Objectives which means where do we want to go?
  • S stands for strategy which summarizes how we are going to get there
  • T stands for Tactic which are the details of the strategy
  • A is for Action or implementation – implementation of the plan.
  • C is intended Control which means measuring, monitoring, revising, updating and modifying.

With the SOSTAC® design template, you can build a digital marketing template that fits your company’s needs and customer profiles.

Another model that is useful for mapping out a social media marketing plan is Forrester’s POST method. The POST method helps define your social media goals, plan and prioritize your activities. By thinking about this, you can create a clear purpose and vision, and implement goals, strategies, and tools to help you reach the people you want to connect with online. The POST method in a nutshell looks at the following:

  • People – Start by looking at your client’s social behavior and attitudes. Who do you want to attract on sites like Facebook and Twitter?
  • Objectives – Next, decide on your social technology goals. Do you want to build relationships, create brand awareness or improve customer service?
  • strategy – What strategies are you going to implement and what is your priority? Find out how your goals will change the way you interact with customers via Twitter, blog, LinkedIn or Facebook page
  • Technologies – what are you going to use? Choose the right technologies that meet your goals. You don’t have to use them all!

These methods ensure that your integrated digital marketing plan puts audiences and customers first, identifies their needs, and develops a plan with the right mix of online and offline channels to build strong relationships, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website.

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