Is SEO Jeopardizing Your Content Marketing?

You should already know the importance of an SEO strategy for your business or brand. It’s the key to increasing organic traffic, which is great because it brings in more potential customers who are actually looking for your products or services. It’s the business of internet marketing, but if you don’t use it right, it can ruin your content marketing. An ineffective SEO strategy is as bad as no strategy at all. It is important to have a professional SEO agency analyze your SEO plan to make sure it uses up-to-date methods.

Your content marketing and search engine optimization techniques should work harmoniously together. The following are common reasons why this is not a reality for most businesses.

Focus on short keywords

Doing this often results in thin content. Just a few years ago it was simpler. You can focus on key phrases or words in your content and actually get higher rankings without any problems. But this often resorted to low-quality content that was not desirable to the human audience.

Google Panda changed the game and rendered this old tactic ineffective. If you’re still using it, this could be the reason why your content marketing plan is failing. Instead, you should focus on long-form content and pay less attention to individual keywords and more to search terms related to your industry and topics. Your primary goal is to please your readers, so make your internet marketing strategy sound with content that is valuable while still getting a decent amount of keywords. SEO agency that researches the keyword.

You are a Guest Writer for low quality sites

The quality of guest written websites is very important. Think of it this way, would you read about running a business on a site that looks spammy and shady? Probably not. No one will take your content seriously if it’s published on a low-quality site. Be more selective about where your content is published.

You don’t focus on the mobile user

Mobile SEO is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked, but content marketing strategy is also something that doesn’t burn much or at all. Mobile-friendly and responsive website design is only one part of it. Also, focus on writing headlines that are designed to appeal to users on the go and that download in a format that is easily viewable on mobile devices.

If your content marketing is guilty of these mistakes, it’s time to revamp your company’s online marketing strategy. Consider working with an SEO agency to work out the kinks.

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