Opt-in Email Marketing – Prefilling CPA Offers Using Aweber

This article will discuss an easy strategy to generate profit while building a huge list of subscribers using permission email marketing with Aweber.

The basic strategy is to create a niche squeeze page like we did in previous courses, then we add an Aweber form that directs the subscriber to a pre-populated CPA offer.

It looks like this:

Visitor > Completes Aweber form > redirected to pre-filled CPA form > clicks continue = $$$ plus potential new subscriber.

Opt-in email marketing simply means that when a user enters their email on my Aweber form, they have to verify their email to confirm that they want to join my list. This prevents a lot of hassle down the road once we’ve built a huge list of millions. For example, there will be far fewer spam complaints as long as I offer my list what I promised.

Now I take advantage by putting a form on my landing page that redirects to the CPA’s “send via email” offer and pre-populate it with the person’s email so they don’t have to type their email again, just click continue and get paid.

I checked with my affiliate managers and asked for a list of good email offers that allow prepop and got the code for the Aweber form from them. It’s simple and the example I used is the Neverblue offer for a free $500 gift card from Walmart.

Phase 1:

Specify the list information and then create the form in your Aweber account.

Step 2:

In the form settings, change the “thank you page” to a custom page and then enter the affiliate link in the offer and you need to add the code at the end of it. The code is different for most networks and offers, so you may need to contact your affiliate manager for instructions. Here is the URL I use Aweber to showcase my neverblue offer:


&email= is the Neverblue part of the code and {!email} is the part that tells Aweber to add an email address to that URL. So now when a user fills in their email on my squeeze page, they click confirm and the thank you page is a Neverblue offer for a free $500 gift card that the user just has to click continue because their email is already put on the form and I get paid.

Email submissions usually cost around $1, but the thing is, you can create an Aweber form to collect any kind of information. So if you have a CPA lead offer that requires a name, email address and address, you can simply use the same strategy to pre-populate the offer, which is likely to generate more profit.

All you have to do is add the correct code to the end of the affiliate URL and put it in the custom thank you page field in the Aweber form settings.

Getting people to sign up for opt-in email marketing

The permission email marketing component of this strategy is tricky. You need to design your landing page to entice the person to not only continue to receive the free gift card, but also to check their email to confirm that they want to subscribe. How do you do that?

Well, this requires a lot of testing, but here’s the basic strategy…

Your landing page should offer the user something very attractive for free that they will receive in their email. It should be the main focus of your landing page. Then your secondary attractive offer is a free $500 gift card. This definitely requires testing depending on your offer, but you could say something like:

You can get a free (something) by entering your real email address below so we can send it to you now

“If you enter your email today, you’ll also get a $500 bonus gift card from Walmart!”

Just enter your email address below, click Continue on the next page to enter the $500 gift card, then check your email to see if you’ve got a free (something).

Hopefully this helps define what prepop can do for you, and when used with permission in email marketing, this strategy can turn a profit while building a much more valuable subscriber list!

The next course will talk about how to get thousands of visitors to your landing page using free and paid traffic and how to get very cheap traffic that will sign up for your list…

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