Outlook Express Recovery – DBX, DBT, MBX Files

Outlook Express is a different application compared to the Microsoft Office Outlook email program that comes with Microsoft Office for Windows. Outlook Express is included with Internet Explorer and uses *.dbx files to store emails.

Outlook Express saves its emails in different formats depending on the version.

  1. Outlook Express v4, which shipped with Windows 98, saved messages in *.mbx files.
  2. Outlook Express v5, which shipped with Windows 98SE, switched to *.dbx files, where each mailbox folder had its own file.
  3. Outlook Express v5.50 ships with Windows 2000
  4. Outlook Express v 5.5 ships with Windows Me
  5. Outlook Express v6, included with Windows XP, also stores messages in *.dbx files.

However, these archive files can become corrupted, causing server data loss. Today, e-mails have become the most significant form of communication, considering that the absence of e-mail information can cause serious financial, time losses to an individual or a company.

Several reasons for DBX file corruption

  • File corruption from using the “Empty file or Compress all folders” option.
  • Most common cause: Antivirus trying to scan incoming and outgoing emails sometimes causes data corruption in *.dbx files.
  • A huge number of Outlook Express emails in the Inbox or Sent folders sometimes causes data corruption in the corresponding .dbx files.
  • Accidentally deleting emails or permanently deleting emails from deleted items folders in Outlook Express.

Disk Doctors Labs, Inc. has released Disk Doctor’s Email Recovery (DBX) software to recover accidentally deleted Outlook Express emails from any dbx or mbx archive.

This software also recovers emails from dbt files,

dbt files are temporary files created for dbx files. If for some reason Microsoft Outlook Express crashes and you cannot find the required dbx file or recover important email from dbx file, dbt files contain the necessary information that can be repaired to recover lost Outlook Express emails using Disk Doctors Email Recovery. (DBX) Software

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