Revolution of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Today, almost 80% of all media we consume comes through digital channels. The massive use of the Internet and digital media have given birth to a new marketing concept called Digital Marketing. It is a vast area and is considered the future of business development.

Digital marketing is the most commonly used term for online marketing and has several advantages over traditional offline marketing. With the help of the Internet and mobile devices, customers today can get information from anywhere in the world. Marketers today use digital tactics to attract and convert audiences online.

This new age method of marketing helps in gaining a good reputation which is essential for the survival of the business. It is the best way to reach your target audience. Digital marketing can be used to reach many customers with a very small marketing budget. Unlike traditional methods, you can measure the success of digital marketing campaigns with the help of analytical tools. Every year, more and more marketers leave traditional marketing aside and focus on this approach. Successful marketing campaigns can be implemented by combining traditional methods with digital marketing techniques.

General methods of digital marketing

Email marketing

This is one of the commonly used online marketing methods. E-mail marketing enhances business communication, is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With this method, a message could be sent to a group of people using email.

It is an effective way to connect with your audience while promoting your business and also one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience.

Search engine optimization

It’s an organic way to optimize your online content to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

There are many factors involved in website ranking such as title, keywords, relevancy, etc. SEO helps ensure that your website is accessible and improves the chances of being found by a search engine. It is classified into two types of on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is achieved by careful distribution of keywords and the quality of your site’s content. Off-page optimization involves factors beyond your website’s control. The primary goal of link building is to get other websites to link to your own to improve SEO.

Search engine marketing

When someone searches for information or a keyword, Search Engine Marketing ensures that your site appears at the top of the search engine results. It uses various techniques to help the search engine deliver your site to web searchers.

SEO must be clearly understood before using search engine optimization. It is one of the most effective ways to spread your business in this competitive world. Some parts of search engine marketing are advertising auction, bidding and quality score. Your highest bid for a keyword with a good quality score determines the position of your ad.

Pay Per Click

The fastest way to reach your target audience can be achieved with PPC campaigns. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad. For example, if you pay 1 rupee per click and when 1000 people click on your ad, it will pay you 1000 rupees. CTR (click-through rate) determines the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It delivers faster results by targeting the right people at the right time and place. Because it costs, it is suitable for businesses that sell products/services.

Social media marketing

The process of marketing through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is known as Social Media Marketing. SMM’s primary goal is to produce content on social media that helps the organization increase brand awareness and customer reach. In social media, companies can share content to achieve marketing goals.

Display advertising

It is a form of conveying a message using elements such as images, logos, graphics, audio or video to communicate to a target audience. Also known as banner ads, it offers a unique opportunity to retarget your ideal audience. You can also show ads to people based on their search behavior. Usually, display ads appear on search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Content marketing

This type of marketing is done by creating and sharing free content to attract new prospects and retain existing customers. Informative content is shared in the form of articles, videos, infographics, etc. It helps to build strong relationships with your audience by providing them with relevant high-quality content. Your business goals must be aligned with your content strategy to achieve critical success.

How would a fresher benefit from digital marketing?

In the digital world, online marketing is essential for a successful business. Marketers today are adapting from a traditional to a digital approach.

Digital marketing offers small businesses the resources to engage in sales and marketing that were previously only available to large businesses. It ensures the survival of online businesses. Brands today are focusing on digital marketing more than ever before. Digital marketing skills are in high demand and offer a unique competitive advantage for a career. It offers great opportunities around the world. There is a wide range of digital marketing roles, which also include work related to social media. It also offers various opportunities to start your own career as an entrepreneur. Digital marketing professionals can expect many benefits in the coming years. More and more companies are adopting digital marketing as their primary marketing strategy, creating plenty of job opportunities for freshers. The future of digital marketing looks very bright at the moment.

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