Spectacular Content Marketing Tips – Persuasive Copy Content

Writing copy or content is writing to persuade your customers to buy the services or products described on your website. It is not enough to place the product on your front page next to the “buy” button. The purpose of copy is to turn your readers into people who are ready to buy your products. So before you sell a product or service, you need to sell them why they should buy from you.

SEO copy

SEO content is copy that is optimized with keywords that search engines use to direct people to your website. The best keywords are the same ones people use when searching for products and services like yours. Placing these words and phrases in your content will attract search engines and drive people to your site. However, sometimes what people are looking for and what a search engine understands and returns are two different things. Successful sites have figured out how to synchronize search and search engine and get them to end up on their website more often than not.

Learning through trial and error

Trial and error is the best teacher for learning how to straddle the line between search and sales with your writing. Visitors to your site want to think they’ve made the purchase decision themselves, rather than feeling like they’ve been pressured into buying. This skill can take years to acquire. Some people give up and hire a professional copywriter. Investing in a content writer is a one-time investment that pays dividends in the future.

Fresh content is sold

It is a proven fact that sites that consistently update their content regularly will steadily grow in customer returns and search engine rankings. By constantly updating your content, you attract people who want to link back to your site. Legitimate referral links are one of the factors needed to improve page ranking.

Ways to get content fast

Instead of sitting in front of your computer all day and struggling to copy content, here are a few ideas to get it done quickly.

  • Public Domain copy – This is a copy that is not protected by copyright. This means it can be copied, modified, edited, reprinted, distributed or sold.
  • Famous quotes – Create short pages that attract thousands of people every day. Visitors are likely to bookmark the site and return.
  • Definitions – Current buzzwords or strange words that have entered the public dictionary can be used to create short pages with great appeal.
  • Hosting of directory pages – Are a favorite of search engines. Make sure your content is everywhere in the directory to catch the eye of your visitors.
  • Other people’s content – There are literally millions of writers begging websites to publish their articles. They can be found in online article directories. Just remember to mention the author if you use the work.

You can use other people’s content to build large websites quickly. However, it is important not to grow so large that you lose control. A little common sense, trial and error, and patience will make your site a search engine success.

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