The Affiliate Blackbook – Aggressive Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Black Book has been in the works for over 2 years. If you know anything about Mr. X, his affiliate marketing techniques are quite aggressive. If you’ve been following his blog and the progress of this project, you may have noticed that this appears to be the most aggressive material yet.

It is my honest opinion that many so-called affiliate marketing teachers do not teach what X teaches for several reasons:

– they don’t want their name associated with tactics that are unusual and might ruffle some feathers

– they don’t want to teach anything that is overtly aggressive because the majority can’t stomach a very aggressive business strategy

– They are worried about how certain tactics reflected on their reputation

This separates X and his subsidiary Black Book. This guy simply doesn’t care about being part of the “guru” clique. He has masterfully crafted a persona where the more aggressive the tactic, the better it affects his reputation. This is a stark contrast to most people who teach you how to make money online. Pay attention to the tone of each Mr. X product sales copy. Creating a persona that speaks to your core audience is one of the reasons why Mr. X has been so successful in affiliate marketing. This is something you can take advantage of in any market. You can even create multiple personas for the same market and test them against each other. This way you can connect with a wider part of the market.

X’s Affiliate Blackbook is designed to provide a comprehensive strategy for affiliate marketing. X wants you to understand with this guide that affiliate marketing is a viable business model when done right. As advertising costs increase, it is increasingly profitable to use affiliate marketing as a testing ground and list building tool to go to market with your own products. This is one way you can maximize your affiliate marketing opportunities. It’s something that many affiliates don’t want to do because it seems complicated. But if you start with this as your end goal, you can design your affiliate campaign in a way that makes the transition much easier.

Just some of what I expect to see from The Affiliate Blackbook includes:

Aggressive PPC Strategies: Aggressiveness with pay per click advertising is no longer about playing by the rules of Google or Yahoo, it has moved towards optimizing ad campaigns to give the search engines exactly what they want.

Scalable Affiliate Business Models: Affiliate marketing can be a great business on its own, but it can also be scaled to create a larger business. This pattern is not as difficult as many people think it is. It’s more of a mindset change than anything else. This is why it is vital to always keep an open mind and actively look at the business models of other affiliate marketers. There are many ways to build an affiliate business. Some models can generate higher returns because the structure of the campaigns is optimal for growth.

Cookies – this topic is almost taboo for most marketers, but done right can make sales easier rather than breaking the merchant’s terms of service. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The good thing is that the right way is more profitable.

Blog Optimization Strategies – A blog optimized for search engines can be a great asset to any affiliate. A blog can be used in many ways to promote sales. I look forward to seeing X discuss using a blog to attack keywords and drive traffic, as well as convincing potential customers of the value of the product(s) you are promoting.

In 2008 X announced that he was moving all his campaigns from static html pages to WordPress blogs. This in turn improved his AdWords Quality Score and lowered his cost per click (or improved ad placement). Blogs are very powerful, and if you’re not using them for your affiliate marketing business, you could be paying more for advertising than necessary and not getting the search engine rankings your content needs. Investing time in learning how to use WordPress blogs can pay off big by increasing traffic, lowering advertising costs and improving results.

Bottom line: this is a very in-depth look at affiliate marketing tactics, but more importantly, strategy. Mr. X has built an affiliate business that has grown tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Analyzing his business models and removing the components that will improve your business as an affiliate is valuable.

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