The basics of business-to-business email marketing

If you’re not sending email newsletters to customers and prospects, you’re losing money. In today’s society, 98% of people check their email on their mobile phones. That’s 98%! People are on the go and check their email via push notifications. If you don’t send out special offers and updates about your products or services, your customers won’t keep your company in mind most of the time. And other companies can capture your business. So, as you just read, email marketing and newsletters are important because they now reach your customers instantly.

To be successful in an email marketing campaign, you need to have a clear, concise subject line. A long subject line or one that doesn’t make it clear what you’re offering is likely to be dismissed as spam by the recipient.

Make sure you format your email correctly. People use different types of phones, which means they use different browsers and operating systems. If your message comes across as confused or poorly worded, the customer will not engage and will simply delete your efforts and offer. If you are not familiar with the different forms of mobile marketing / email newsletter, find a company that is.

You should also make use of strong content. Don’t be rude, be direct. Tell your offer, tell the benefits, tell the timeline when the customer has to take advantage of the offer. Being too verbal or out of touch won’t lead to sales or customer interest. Don’t you dare go in the opposite direction either. A word too similar to a used car sales ad will also turn people off.

You should also monitor your email marketing statistics. If more people open emails on Tuesday evenings compared to Saturday mornings, adjust your delivery dates for important sales and/or announcements.

Email marketing is becoming stronger than ever these days. People use social media to get more subscribers to newsletters with special offers and better ROI results. Including video, audio and even consumer contests in an instant email offer or email newsletter will help your business grow and sell products/services faster.

Don’t forget that content is always king. Using too many photos or unprofessional video links can backfire when sending any type of email marketing collateral. Make sure all your content and media are balanced, look professional and have a strong call to action.

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