The Easy Way to Achieve High Sales With Affiliate Marketing

Selling products on commission has always been a popular way to make money online.

Selling other people’s products in this way is called affiliate marketing. This is because in order to earn money you have to sign up as an affiliate and earn money by promoting their products.

Affiliate marketing can be something you do just to make extra money through your website or as a way to make all of your online income.

Affiliate marketers known as super-affiliates work online. The most famous of these is Rosalyn Gardner, who earns around $500,000 a year as an affiliate marketer.

How to market affiliate products.

The best way to market a product is to own it. That way, when you write about it, you know exactly what you’re talking about.

But it’s not always possible to own every product you advertise. For example, if you have a diet and fitness website and want to promote a treadmill that costs thousands of $$$, it’s not practical to buy it first. Still, these items can make you hundreds of $$$ in a single sale.

Instead, you can read online reviews, sales pages, and visit forums where they talk honestly about the product. This will give you a clear idea of ​​the product and what it can do, how it can benefit customers and what its limitations are.

When researching a product, it’s better to take copious notes and condense them down to the information you need, rather than taking enough notes and not being able to write enough about the product.

When you market a product, you need to promote the benefits of owning the product rather than describing what the product can do.

For example, years ago when MP3 players became popular, every company touted the “features” of their players rather than the benefits of owning one. They talked about sound quality and how many megabytes of storage their devices had. But none of this meant much to their customers.

Then came Apple with the first MP3 player and marketed it by describing the benefit of owning it simply by saying “a thousand songs in your pocket”.


Their iPod surpassed all other MP3 players.

Self-help guru Tony Robbins says that sometimes we are more inclined to run from pain than to run towards pleasure.

So when you’re marketing a product, you can also start by describing the “pain” the reader might feel because they don’t own the product, before talking about how their problems (pains) will be reduced/solved once they own the product. .

But all of this starts with understanding what customers want.

What does someone want if they are considering buying a treadmill?

  • Don’t you have to walk outside in bad weather?

  • Easier than walking on uneven ground outside?

  • Don’t have to drive to the gym?

Naturally, everyone who buys a treadmill wants to get in shape. But if that’s all they wanted, they’d put on their running shoes and head out the door or hit the gym.

But there is something that compels them to buy their own treadmill, and it must be more than the desire to run, because running is free, but treadmills cost thousands.

Understanding what your customers think is paramount if you want to make money with affiliate marketing.

So start by looking for products/companies that offer an affiliate program. Or join an affiliate network that offers hundreds and thousands of products that you can promote to hundreds of different businesses, all through one account.

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