The Influence of Guest Blogging and Guest Posting

The general consensus is that guest blogging is an excellent idea for you as a business owner. If you use guest bloggers (occasionally) it says a number of different things about you. All these things are positive and people pay attention to it. However, guest posting is something else entirely.

The benefits of guest blogging and guest posting

Although contrary to popular opinion, there are people who do not see the merits of guest blogging. However, if you use guest bloggers to enrich your content, it shows that you are open-minded and that your goal is not just to “sell” your own content, but that your primary interest is in providing value to your readers. Mixing up your content (as long as you don’t use guest bloggers’ content more often than you post your own original content) is an excellent idea and people will want to read it and keep visiting you because they’re still hungry. to get more and more content. The two opposing ideas (advantages of guest blogging and disadvantages of guest blogging) are sure to be confusing. Hopefully the following discussion will clarify the concepts.

Clears up the confusion

There are two aspects worth discussing here.

  • Comments, links, spam and unnecessary content
  • Guest blogging and content marketing

Content marketing is currently very popular and has been for a long time. When formulating your content marketing strategy, it is very important to include guest blogging in that strategy. Of course, this doesn’t mean other aspects of your content marketing strategy aren’t important. With all the information available online, the potential for spam is also greater, and of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still as important as ever. All of these should be included in your content marketing strategy.

What is a good guest blogger like?

There are many different things that make a person an effective guest blogger. Of course, first and foremost, one must write quality content that is free of grammatical errors and that content must be presented in an engaging, exciting, valuable and thought-provoking manner. Hopefully, the guest blogger has written for other reputable people and places and has become an expert in their field. Other important aspects of content are that they tell a story and touch the reader on an emotional level. Without these elements, no one will be willing to read the content at all. If your guest blogger can achieve all these things, he has earned the privilege of adding a backlink to his website.

What makes a “bad” blogger?

A blogger who can be considered a “bad” blogger is someone whose content is not focused and not relevant. It also contains too many backlinks and is more fluff than substance. In short, it doesn’t really have any merit.

What makes an “ugly” blogger?

An “ugly” blogger is a blogger whose only goal is to get backlinks and basically generate spam. Guest blogging in this case is purely selfish and opportunistic. A guest blogger is not in it for an altruistic reason, they are in it for themselves. There is no synergy between you and the guest blogger. You and your business are just a vehicle.


It is important that you understand the value of guest bloggers and the virtues of submitting these blogs. However, it is equally important for you to identify which guest bloggers are not good for your business and why. If you can’t do that, it could hurt your business more than help it, and that would be the worst. One of the current goals is to improve the quality of business websites, and guest blogging can help with this. Of course, make sure the content is always fresh, unique and intellectually stimulating.

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