The link between email marketing and article marketing

There’s no point in setting up article marketing if you’re not going to run some kind of email campaign as well. The connection between email marketing and article marketing is an integral part of the commercialization process.

The exception is if you’re writing interest articles on a topic that you want to share regardless of whether you’re making money online.

For an Internet marketer, writing articles is closely related to the subsequent email campaign, which deals with developing a subscriber list and promoting products.

The articles are written to strengthen your credentials as an expert in your niche and encourage your readers to follow by subscribing to a newsletter or email campaign.

Articles are not an end in themselves for anyone using the opportunity to build an online business.

Their purpose is to generate traffic and build a list from it.

The list is the most important end of article writing.

The main purpose of an article submission list is to provide email campaigns to provide more useful information and pre-sell products.

For an online marketer who takes advantage of free traffic generation, product promotion through an email campaign is the most important option available that costs nothing.

Of course, free traffic can be built through social media options like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogging.

However, this is essentially the same as writing articles – although in the case of Twitter they are very short articles.

Social media usage, like articles, should direct readers to a squeeze page – and preferably a page that captures a name and email address so you can build a list – for your next email campaign.

In fact, it is a good practice to submit articles and use social media options in a parallel campaign. And further, tweets, FB comments and blogs should reflect the message of the articles written.

In fact, some article directories have the ability to Tweet or FB like. For example, has linked accounts on Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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