Top 3 Free and Easy Affiliate Programs to Join for Beginners

Let’s say your website is up and running. You’ve built a website or blog, and now it’s time to monetize it. There are so many options on the internet, so where is the best place to start? First, from my own experience as a startup affiliate a few years ago, I didn’t have an action plan. I started my affiliate program blindly because it was just too much to process in the beginning, all the choices. I didn’t do a lot of research at first, so it was hard to know exactly where to go in the flood of information.

Through my failures and successes, I have learned a strategy that has finally grown with me. If I had started my affiliate business first with a solid business plan, then researched all the affiliate networks to narrow down my choices to just the best business plan and the top three affiliate networks to promote while learning the ropes, I would have been successful much sooner.

3 best affiliate networks for beginners

1. Google AdSense

· This is actually an advertising site, but since it’s a very popular and easy way to make money on your website, I use it the same or similar way I would when promoting products from actual affiliate network sites.

· Google AdSense offers high rewards and multiple options for displaying monetized content.

· You can run different tests and/or campaigns for the right type of ads to use on your website. They can be automatic or responsive ad units that change based on who views your site’s pages or your site’s content.

· Payments are monthly. The minimum payment amount is $100.00. Do not worry; it grows quickly when you start active affiliate marketing.

2. ClickBank

· My #1 go to market that has tens of thousands of sellers offering hundreds of thousands of affiliate commissions anywhere between 50-75% of every sale.

· ClickBank is also much like a payment processor.

· Fast weekly payments and great customer support.

· ClickBank is great for beginners because it’s easy to use.

3. Amazon Associates

· This affiliate program is the easiest to use with around 1.5 million sellers and is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs online.

· Amazon unfortunately initially offers lower commissions and longer payout times, which means you have to promote products with a higher volume, but the success and volume of sellers and how easy it is to incorporate into any niche makes it worth this top tier. 3 list.

Now you have the 3 best affiliate markets for beginners in the affiliate marketing arena. It’s time to know your product and build a step-by-step action plan. Creating a detailed plan of action is difficult when you are new to marketing, but in addition to knowing the affiliate networks you are using first, a detailed plan is essential for affiliate success.

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