What Is Digital Marketing?

Over the past decade, dependence on the Internet has certainly changed the way business is conducted. It’s clear to most business owners that without an online presence, your business is really missing out on most of its marketing, advertising and success. Nowadays, everyone who is anyone maintains their own blog, social media platform and of course website. If you’re a business owner and don’t have a website, you’re neglecting to market yourself in the most effective way. Therefore, it is important for every company to build a website for itself, but also to strengthen its presence with the help of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? And how/why is this kind of advertising so important for a company? Let’s look at these important elements of online strategy:

What is digital marketing?

Basically, this kind of advertising combines sales promotion and advertising on an online platform. The basic principles, values, advertising tactics of traditional marketing are still at the core of this innovative phase, consumer behavior and target demographics have a seemingly insightful suit. This digital promotion includes all types of internet marketing, but it focuses on digital media. SEO is just one digital marketing tactic.

Another interesting feature is the way digital promotion is implemented. A variety of sources can be used to promote a company’s products and services, including websites, mobile devices, instant messages, and text messages. In addition, the digital nature of such marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective means of advertising.

Two types:

Push Digital Marketing: As the name suggests, push marketing is predicted to push advertising information directly to the target customer base. Often, marketers start push marketing via email, RSS feed, or text message, genuinely targeting the recipient or customer base with a personalized message. This means is also effective in the sense that the relative effectiveness of marketing is easy to track, monitor and measure.

Pull digital marketing: The pull method of marketing aims to bring customers to you. The marketing of this means is communicated in order to force the person to call for action or to come and visit your company. The most obvious or common example is a web page, website, or any other Internet-based medium. Although this medium of digital advertising is not so easy to personalize or track, it is still effective and efficient.

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